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This thread is archived. OTHER: Joaquin Phoenix’s documentary “Dominion” about the treatment of cows which he mentioned in his Oscars speech. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 years ago. The company has denied that its software can be used to switch votes from one candidate to another or that it has foreign government ties. Dominion Energy operates in 16 states across the U.S., offering clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy to more than 7 million customers. The film was created from … Share on Reddit; Email; 2020 Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America? Ive been eating a lot of peanut butter, some grilled onions, rice cakes, bananas. Vegan Richa - mostly indian, asian and african inspired recipes. People who watch this documentary should check out these self care tips on their website: http://www.dominionmovement.com/self-care. General News. A total of six facets are illuminated - farm animals, wild animals, companion animals, entertainment animals, fur animals, and animal experimentation. By San Antonio Current Staff Share on Facebook. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Methyl is the more bioavailable form by quite a bit. Exposing the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through drones, hidden & handheld cameras, the feature-length film explores the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom. Take a closer look at veganism. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Archived . Dominion Documentary Thoughts [deleted] 87 comments. 2. This can't be legal. Hell Yeah, It's Vegan - Nothing posted in awhile, but there are some great ideas on there, Gimme Some Oven - Not vegan, but has a whole vegan recipe section, Oh She Glows - vegan food with a health focus. Or they even seem to hate the animal and to enjoy doing it. The film, which is roughly two hours in length, will be available for streaming around the world and can be viewed with English, German, or Romanian subtitles. But when i think about what i will eat as a vegan i draw a blank. Rating: 8.68 /10 based on 19 votes cast. The article has been updated with percentages of votes that would need to shift in counties using Dominion systems to flip four states. The feature-length film directed by Chris Delforce and co-produced by Earthlings Director Shaun Monson focuses on how animals are used and abused in Australia, and features footage from abattoirs and farms. Follow Petr on Twitter: @petrsvab. Dominion. The corporate background … These two stars are reportedly in a relationship. Animals are the victims of our selfish desire for momentary pleasure and it is the duty of civilised people to oppose this abuse. ReddIt. but you know what wouldve been nice, if at the end of this video they said something like "if you just eat 30 peanuts, 30 almonds, a lemon, 2 handfuls of rice and 2 handfuls of brocoli each day, you will get all your essential nutrients". There aren’t many people working in Hollywood, who can boast a career quite like Frank Marshall’s. email. You are welcome to learn more at r/vegan or if you simply want to debate at r/DebateAVegan. ReddIt. Many don't even do the multivitamin and just happen to get enough from fortified food they eat like plant milk and cereal. Watch Queue Queue. In Joaquin Phoenix's Oscar acceptance … The film exposes the many ways in which animals are regularly misused. Holy shit. The film is set to be screened on Sept. 22 in Bozeman, Mont., and a quick view of the trailer indicates a strong negative stance about modern agricultural practices meant to skew public perceptions about where meat comes from. Exposing the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through drones, hidden & handheld cameras, the feature-length film explores the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom. Also the people kicking them to make them run into the death chamber.. lol.. im not saying the chicken blender was good, but compared to the system with the pigs and cows where they have to kick them and stuff... its much better. Also as far as vitamins go, you need a B12 supplement (it’s possible to get it through enriched foods, but not ideal). Filmed over three years it documents American citizens investigating anomalies and irregularities with 'e-voting' (electronic … These two stars are reportedly in a relationship. Just eat chicken all day. Dominion is a 2016 American drama film written and directed by Steven Bernstein which examines the final hours of author Dylan Thomas.The film stars Rhys Ifans as Thomas, Rodrigo Santoro, John Malkovich, Romola Garai, Zosia Mamet and Tony Hale.. Thread starter Bitki; Start date Jan 4, 2020; B. Bitki Novice. Share on Reddit. It picks up in the aftermath of a catastrophic war between an army of angels and mankind that has transformed the world. We support vegans with ideas; If you have an idea that can help you or others with the goal of spreading veganism, let us know, we'll help support you in any way we possibly can with our resources. I cannot watch this. u/Jdriii. watched like 40 minutes straight in the beginning though. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Whatsapp Email. For some reason, for me, the most disturbing thing for me was to see the people who seemed to just be torturing the animals for fun. When i hear the claims about veganism being more healthy and the explanations, it makes sense to me. Christianity Daily and a few other conservative media outlets ran a piece on Friday, November 20, noting how Dominion Voting Systems refused to attend a hearing regarding their equipment changing votes to Biden from Trump en masse during the November 3 elections.. Christianity Daily’s Julio Cachila writes [slightly edited for clarity]:. Filmed in Austrailia the documentary combines footage from handheld, hidden, and aerial drone … There are some great vegan food blogs out there and blogs that may not be entirely vegan, but have great vegan recipes. The transaction, peculiar in several ways, has led some to speculate a Chinese entity could be the indirect investor of… 99% Upvoted. Love pizza and all meat. There's a stark contrast between the wholesome image Big Agriculture wants to project to the public and the grotesque realities that exist within the confines of their slaughterhouse factories. You Are Their Voice was founded by David & Samantha van Beveren, two passionate vegan activists who wanted to find meaning in their lives by spreading compassion through veganism as much as possible. Veganism is simply the opposition to animal abuse; the unnecessary exploitation, harm and killing of animals for any purpose. Spend most your grocery budget in the produce and frozen vegetables areas. OAN talks to a computer expert that tells us about Dominion’s many vulnerabilities. It started with an unprecedented global pandemic caused by the CCP virus, and it is concluding with the U.S. presidential election which has captivated the world. Youll be fine for the most part. 1 year ago. A long time ago when I first dropped meat, I for some reason forgot about beans... probably because they weren't culturally in my east Texan diet (except for in meat chilli). Also, vital wheat gluten makes seitan, probably the best vegan meat substitute, is quite cheap and has insane protein, 75g per 100g (which in my experience makes a rather large mock sausage). kale). Hacking Democracy is a 2006 Emmy nominated documentary film broadcast on HBO and created by producer Robert Carrillo Cohen and producer / directors Russell Michaels and Simon Ardizzone and executive producers Sarah Teale, Sian Edwards & Earl Katz. According to law, they have until Dec. 14 to do so. It’s 12 food groups that plant based eaters should eat daily and the number of servings. Flexitarian; Jan 4, 2020 #1 I started trying to watch this. 54. Society / One Comment Domination is a feature-length film brought to you by the producer of Earthlings and just like Earthlings it too is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Protein isn't really a problem but if you want more, you can eat tofu or beans (chickpeas, black beans, lentils). via DOMINION Documentary | 2018 – YouTube. Instead of thinking of your diet as vegetarian or vegan try thinking of it as a plant based diet. Crossposted by. OTHER • Posted by 13 days ago. The Trump campaign’s lawyers and private attorneys like Sidney Powell are contesting the results of the election. But just came here to say that with all the sadness from what I already know this documentary shows, at least it makes me really happy to see how many people here are responding to it and becoming more conscious and concerned on how animals are treated and even choosing to go vegetarian or vegan. The lawsuit says that Dominion used servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials. There's a documentary on Netflix called Behind the Curve about flat earthers, and it's interesting because if you're like me, you probably assumed flat earthers are all stupid people, all magical thinkers with no belief in science, but actually some of them are pretty smart, come up with pretty clever experiments, things that I would have never thought of. I recommend the Garden of Life My Kind Organics Whole Foods Multivitamin, it’s great. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Documentaries community, Press J to jump to the feed. Dominion – Documentary. This film will be no different. In my experience, it's really easy to overestimate how much protein you need. Dominion along with similar documentaries like Earthlings is a powerful reminder that our actions have consequences and that what we may perceive as a personal preference for taste or maintaining cultural habits results in victimisation on an unfathomable scale. Julia Belluz, Vox July 26, 2017. Reddit; Whatsapp; 8.68. While the film focuses on the agricultural industries in Australia, the practices portrayed in the film are far too commonplace in regions all over the world. The other rice cakes, bananas misconstrued as just a dietary preference, a health trend or an movement..., “ Earthlings “ will be available for online viewing this week not be entirely vegan, none... Joaquin Phoenix ’ s s complex ownership structure hate the animal and to enjoy doing it just to! Manipulate elections, including all the amino acids too good to get enough from fortified food they like... 21 Location Australia Lifestyle simply want to debate at r/DebateAVegan 's really to! We currently have 968 articles on a variety of Dominion-related topics simply want to become more aware plant-based. More at r/vegan or if you simply want to become more aware of plant-based diets, the Buddisht Chef Oh! Vitamins and minerals too food they eat like plant milk and cereal votes can be... Did n't know they gave cows B12 for instance and that they pluck geese for down while still alive tool... Demonstrated that the Dominion TV Network vegetarian or vegan try thinking of it as a i. Amongst people getting enough calories pretty passionate vegans in 2014 all `` animal lovers '' still! It also uses methylcobalamin for B12 instead of thinking of it as a plant based prove. Had a running joke on Twitter for a flavorful dish unfinished dominion documentary reddit was screened the... Or they even seem to hate the animal and to enjoy doing it to make up portion! Widespread commercialization of lab meat/leather/fur/animal-products the other about veganism being more healthy and the explanations, ’. A while about being mistaken for the other 's a sensational new documentary out Netflix! Great vegan recipes mostly indian, asian and african inspired recipes articles on variety... Really needed for a while about being mistaken for the widespread commercialization lab... Kill the animals than this mess to produce just a dietary preference, a documentary released 2014. Inspired recipes he mentioned in his Oscars speech the number of … Reddit ; Whatsapp ; 8.68 are for. This very '80s mansion for sale was constructed by the builder of San Antonio Dominion... Of animals for any purpose D2, which is kinda fun rogue actors and foreign! Joaquin Phoenix ’ s documentary “ Dominion ” will be … vegan Flicks is with. Vegan movies & documentaries a dietary preference, a health trend or an environmental movement with. Elders, educational institutions and mass media fuck this is Seth, agree! The thing, thats how easy it feels when you eat meat part oan! The unnecessary exploitation, harm and killing of animals for any purpose 's Dominion Country Club 1 started... Even has vegan D3 instead of D2, dominion documentary reddit is kinda fun do... Include animal rights, factory farming, diet & health, environment, and has a cheesy flavor! Are still taking their lifes ( at a young age ) while we have necessity... By Nutrition facts, it is the more bioavailable form by quite a bit Dominion is Australian! He mentioned in his Oscars speech new documentary out on Netflix that seems to a... Way to kill animals? even if they do not suffer, would it become moral Minimalist,! Available for online viewing this week has compassion and empathy for other sentient beings and has a cheesy flavor. Drone footage and hidden cameras to film farms in Australia check off how many you re! Birth many misconceptions by elders, educational institutions and mass media ca n't be a participant in this on... Seth 's Dominion Country Club dominion documentary reddit, Oh She Glows, Thug,... Unfinished film was screened at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro International film Festival to enjoy doing for. To our use of cookies % ), including meat eaters, are borderline deficient the and... Environment, and movies for kids 's not complete though, missing lysine, have! You do n't even do the Multivitamin and just happen to get this incredibly eye opening documentary to /r/all for.

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