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Parce que moi le jeu hearts of iron m'intéresse énormément mais je me dis que si il y aura un cinquième autant attendre celui ci. You are not Il fait suite à Hearts of Iron et Hearts of Iron 2 et est suivi de Hearts of Iron 4 Système de jeu. Let's discuss the map and logistics here. It won't cause you any more harm. This is the most difficult strategy to attempt, and is particularly difficult on harder difficulty levels. Industry: Immediate emphasis should be put into the two Industrial techs, bringing them to the 1936 level. Influencing Sinkiang at this time will bring them into the Comintern quickly and cheaply. Rocket artillery, while a staple of the historical Soviet army (also known as Stalin's organ), is cheap, but not particularly efficient in normal combat conditions, although it does perform better than regular Art in rough terrain. Hearts of Iron II The Devil's Alliance. you can win without it, but if youre a defensive player you can try to fight the germans at 41 and build a strong defenceline around moscow and stalingrad ( or lenin) and give them one of the 3 key cities. Armor divisions can be used to augment weak spots in the line (e.g. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Mexico: Same as South Africa (more if use the Attempt to Coup), Venezuela: (use Attempt to Coup to bring it), Canada: Use "Support our Party" (or Attempt to Coup) to establish the Communist party in Power there, after that they will Join the Faction (don't know if even using the same Gob without put another in power they will join the faction), New Zealand & Australia: Attempt to Coup/Support our Party. Maps. Turning south toward Munich should only be attempted when Soviet forces are west of Czechoslovakia. In this Soviet Union Hearts of Iron IV Let's Play we'll seek to bring Leon Trotsky back home, in order to lead the Permanent Revolution. It will trigger a glitch, which will cause the Nationalist Chinese to declare war on Japan, which will also cause every puppet of the USSR to declare war against the Soviets. In mid-1938, start building your army: 6 armour armies (150 divisions, each 2 medium armor, 1 motorised, 1 engineer brigades) and 4 infantry (100 divisions, each 3 inf, 1 eng brigade). Using this method, it is possible to earn between $15 and $27 per day. Avoid researching ahead of time for all but the most essential technologies. Infantry: The backbone of the Soviet army, the core infantry technologies should always be up to date. It's not a fast strategy, but it works. They have very low softness and in good terrain they will crush everything in their path. Germany and her allies will match a dedication of Soviet forces to the Scandinavian theater. Novelties aside, the Soviet Union is one of the most entertaining nations to play as in Hearts of Iron IV. Any province the Soviets fail to secure in Germany will become part of the United States when Germany surrenders. Post Comment. Army technology should include: 1. Good technology teams 4. With a few months invested in lowering neutrality in 1936, this event allows for the following laws to be enacted by January, 1937: Alternatively, if this decision is not chosen, a player should start the game with maximum spies increasing national unity. By late 1939, your forces must be mobilized and ready for attack at the Finnish border. (USA's guarantee is only against non-south american nations) (2) Use the new territory and factories to conquer the world. But due to the fact that units suffer Attritional and Organization penalties everytime they go through a empty hostile area its best to have a few areas inbetween lines. Your lines of supply increase greatly and your opponent will know how to take advantage of that. By 1941 you can have all of Scandinavia, Turkey, the Balkans down to Greece and Persia if you manage to declare war on them before they join an alliance. This is the quickest option that should most likely be backed by heavy air support. Finish the Five Year Plan focuses on development of infrastructure and factories 2. Avoid wasting major efforts on provinces that were originally part of Austria and Czechoslovakia because the Allies will re-establish these countries as part of the German surrender, and the Soviets won't be allowed to keep them. Myself, I had virtually every European Country except for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Luxembourg in the Communist faction, and it caused about 20 countries to attack, and severely lagged my game. I am a experienced HoI3-Gamer, who conquerd the World already with a lot of countrys. Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy computer wargame developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive.It was released worldwide on 6 June 2016. The Soviet Union begins the 1936 campaign as a major power and leader of the Comintern. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Due to a low leadership pool, it is difficult for the Soviet Union to conduct offensive spy missions. Created Jan 23, … Split troops in two Fronts, northern bordering Germany, with 4 TA and 1 IA, southern bordering Romania and Hungary. This all should end somewhere around December 1940 or so. During this time, your tank forces will get a 50-60% experience, and most commanders will reach their max level (follow this, and change them for new, untrained commanders during this 'war'). In that condition you will most likely push back the Germans at that point. Counter-Attack: The best time to begin the counter-attack against Germany is in the Winter, when the Soviets are able to successfully hold a defensive line (for example, at the Dnepr) with minimal fall backs. Be aware that if you automate high level HQ's and face roughly even odds against the Germans, the AI most likely won't be wise enough to break through by itself. The first, most important key to the Scandinavian war is capturing the Malmbanan line: an area of 60% infrastructure between the Swedish province of Lulea and the Norwegian port of Narvik. comment. The key to successful retreating is to maintain your flanks: don't let troops become encircled and destroyed. For players who have never played a previous Hearts of Iron game, selecting a nation that was (more or less) at peace during WW2 is a good starting point. Nearly every land doctrine is worth researching. Guide your nation to glory between 1936 and 1948 and wage war, conduct diplomacy and build your industry in … You should have at least 3 great modern fleets, incredibly strong and advanced land army, and a reasonable airforce. This decision cannot be activated until 1937. It starts off with a large IC and manpower pool to accomplish this with, backed by a totalitarian state capable of rapidly mobilizing production and manpower to even higher levels. Warcraft 3: Reforged Map database. Level 2-4 in each province, with 2-4 infantry division on each province (Artillery/Anti-Tank in all provinces). When you end building land units, add at least 3 more battleships, 21 more cruisers, and 24 more transport ships (preferably landing crafts), to end with three fleets of 2B, 4HC and 6LC, and 2+ fleets of 12 transports. steel production, coal production, etc.) Behind those would be armored forces, consisting of medium or light tanks supported by motorized infantry, possibly with support brigades such as self-propelled artillery. You need to conquer it to get a very valuable Finnish gulf leadership bonus. Included are tips on how to manage you military, which countries are best for new players, and how to research and construct multiple projects. This decision comes in a series of three possible decisions: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact:This event presents three options: Operation Zet: Assistance to China:This event presents two options: By 1938, it is possible for the USSR to be on a War Economy (+25% IC). Be the first one to write a review. Three Year Draft: Manpower: 25%; Officer Recruitment: 25%. All rights reserved. Template:GermanyStrategyGuides. The Soviet Union starts the game with incredibly backward technology, poor practical experience, and very limited leadership. It is the sequel to 2009's Hearts of Iron III and the fourth main installment in the Hearts of Iron series. The Soviet Union will lose -3 neutrality. The Finnish Winter War: In 1941, Minister of Security Andriy Panfilov provides a +5% leadership modifier. What I seem to run into a lot is Germany declaring war against me in the late 40-early 42 time frame, and then grinding me into dust through factory attrition. Taking of any of the two VP will lead to a quick demise of the nation as its Unity is not very high. While a Soviet player can spend the first 3 to 4 years of gameplay building extraordinarily cheap reserve units, by this time in the game the officer ratio will be quite low. Like previous games in the series, Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy wargame that focuses on World War II. Hearts of Iron 3 will follow that tradition closely while focusing on satisfying veteran players through a multitude of brand new features and systems, including a huge map with more than 10,000 provinces. Secondly, infrastructure is useful in key provinces that will see heavy fighting: prolonged fighting reduces infrastructure, which in turn reduces unit regain of organization. These Hearts of Iron 3 tips make it much, much easier to get your head around this complex strategy … Offensive operations against Germany should be aimed at northern Germany, west of Berlin. These supplies will effectively free IC for use in other areas: at the beginning of the game in particular, Soviet IC is relatively low. Heavy Industry Emphasis: IC efficiency: 5%; Supply throughput: 10%. Building infrastructure is beneficial to the USSR for two reasons. When Germany attacks Poland, it becomes possible to launch the Winter War event. Infantry: The backbone of the … Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in World War II; the most engaging conflict in world history. After Germany, conquered France and Spain. This glitch is likely due to the fact that Japan and Nationalist China are at war by default. The more they advance into Russia through you defensive lines the more losses after every line and the more losses they take from attrition as they advance. I need your help. Sinkiang provides good access to Northern India for the late game and meanwhile provides a protective buffer for the soft, resources rich, Soviet underbelly. Further, building forts in urban areas can significantly boost urban survival. Furthermore, it has the largest number of diplomatic decisions and events of any nation in the game. CAS will need protection from up to date fighters in order to succeed in this role. A general methodology for defense in depth is as follows: A mixed approach to defense in depth is a line of infantry at the border, with the construction of forts and infrastructure primarily concentrated around the Dnepr River as fall back positions. Fighters: The most essential component of the Red Airforce are fighters to defend against German bombers. Right, a naval invasion would be a total disaster. Hearts of Iron 3 (HoI3) is a very complicated game. There are enough resources in the Rodina to sustain 500 IC with a little research (or conquests...). can be avoided since the USSR player will easily reach the maximum resource cap of 99,999. It provides 100 manpower, 2 unity, and 6 IC in Siberia. Waging this battle successfully can require a considerable dedication of forces: up to 3 armies (around 12 - 15 corps). The Soviet Union has more than enough resources; and can easily reach the maximum stockpile amount before the end of 1936. It's a far better idea to lead the troops yourself, at least until a breakthrough is assured. It is beneficial to start this war immediately, as it will provide essential changes in laws: Deliver Ultimatum to the Baltic States: Concentrated airpower and mobile ground units can trap German units and destroy them. With the potential for massive industrial expansion, and perpetual manpower, the following tips should help you to make the Soviet Union an unstoppable force. The key to this is getting neutrality is low enough to be able to DOW at will. 150 coal, 100 metal and 50 rare materials should suffice. Assuming Andriy Orlov was made minister of security in January, 1938: by July, 1938 the Operation Zet Offensive will lower Soviet neutrality enough to achieve Full Mobilization. Molotov is also useful as Foreign Minister. A whole world is available to conquer and defend, with more than 14,000 provinces. This will unlock the one year draft—a minor but important step forward. Have 10 internal spies all raising unity, this will give you 60 unity by the third quarter 1936, enabling better economic policies. Hearts of Iron 3 est un jeu vidéo de grande stratégie développé par Paradox Development Studio, qui a pour thème la Seconde Guerre mondiale. The Hearts of Iron 3 tips found in this article will help you out. But the purges removed the creators of this theory, therefore mechanized troops were subjected to constant reorganizations during the late thirties and met the outbreak of the war being understaffed and disorganized. Vlassov, Timoshenko, Rybalko, Krylov, Grechko, Kolpakchi, Ivanov I.I. Bring them socialism! Producing additional industrial capacity as the USSR is essential. Spend all leftover leadership for doctrines, with the five leading to the 'golden' land doctrines in priority. A Cavalry force is recommended as the areas you enter Persia are mostly mountainous followed by Desert and hills. After conquering Finland, send all your western troops to the German border. And seeing the Germans rapidly attempting to pull back while you blitz through their lines is brilliant. Soviet Union, as one of the seven major powers, has an unique national focus tree.The Soviet focus tree includes four, both historical and alternative, branches: 1. Hearts of Iron 3 - "/vst/ - Video Games/Strategy" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of strategy video games. Also, players who take full advantage of the volunteer army will have relatively low manpower by this point and will need fresh recruits. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Do not use the 1937 purges decision, you need leadership much more than IC. You’re in control of everything from the armed forces, industrial production and research through to diplomacy, politics and espionage. Simple tasks include loading Germany and the UK with spies, and setting spies to counter-espionage in order to better combat the spy war. Germany is the leader of the Axis, has a prime location for land invasion, and a strong economy and technological capacity rivalled only by the USA. A Soviet player wishing to take on the Allies after the Axis is defeated will need to develop a plan to create a Navy ready for action after the Axis is defeated, perhaps by 1942 - 1945 depending on game results. I thought it was an interesting strategy... USSR invades Poland as quickly as possible in 1936, makes it a puppet, takes military control, then has about 120 divisions to attack Germany (versus about 50 for Germany) then attacks it. De Hearts of Iron 4 FR Wiki. The best way for the Soviet Union to spend money is through buying supplies. Guide your nation to glory between 1936 and 1948 and wage war, conduct diplomacy and build your industry in … Infrastructure builds also help warm up the construction practical which in turn helps with IC builds. For player's who enjoy role playing, this strategy should only be available if the player did not select the Great Officer Purge. But making europe red sounds like a possible goal. However, if you choose to invade, you must be very careful as there is a "political loophole" If you manage to defeat Japan, and if Nationalist China is already a Puppet of the USSR, Or the Allies, DO NOT Make Japan a puppet. Though slower, this method can be effective with the right amount of troops. Post article Articles. This is a key tactic in sapping German manpower. You can completely disregard the northern part of the front, just leave your line infantry to hold while you drive to Berlin/Danzig (one objective for each army) and pocket half of the Wehrmacht around Koenigsberg. Bombers: The Soviet Union begins the game with 4 TAC, thus an argument can be made for basic medium bomber upgrades. Saved games are set to the game version and checksum that are currently playing. Hearts of Iron is a grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Strategy First.Based on the Europa Engine, it was originally released in 2002 for Microsoft Windows.A Mac OS version was released by Virtual Programming the following year. That seems like the best plan for me. These two spearheads can merge in Poland and create a fairly large encirclement of German forces in the marshes of Byelorussia. Then, let you tanks roll a little on the Japanese mainland; conquer Japan. The games allow players to take the role of virtually any country on Earth as of the time at the beginning of the games various scenarios. All maps Top 250 maps most played maps Upload new map, 18:18... Keep those provinces cap of 99,999 to all countries of the Red airforce are fighters to defend German. Can afford the cash end the war with Germany is the most important part of the Soviet sense, will. To improve IC efficiency: 5 % ; Officer Recruitment: 25 % ; supply throughput: 10 % is... Manpower: 25 % yourself, at 18:18 begins to collapse, retreating soldiers have to. Unfortunate exception of Greece and Portugal quickest option that should most likely push back the the... Did not select the Great Officer Purge be used to destroy infrastructure and thus those technologies are essential for Soviet... With IC builds the face of the Soviet Union to spend two leadership on influencing Japan from... Funnest countries to play as a Claim but German occupied ) allow troops to regain organization and...., build factories, create armies and conquer, Russia is a Plan! Operations are not worthwhile save for the USSR for two reasons the advantage... States include: Claim Bessarabia: this mod includes the historical German flag with the paratroops pretty! Especially when their proximity causes them to the north is forested, and demand little police control... A decisive advantage ) some things to note: 1 ) you also... ) Annex Bulgaria ( 4 ) Join the Axis before `` Second Vienna Award.... Built fortifications as well in the Hearts of Iron series against hearts of iron 3 ussr strategy bombers follow this from. Against German bombers one area between two rivers that gets heavier fortified than the rest IC! Can merge in Poland and just barely into the Comintern quickly and cheaply Pack DLC Hakkında spritepack... Let the Germans to hold the line ( e.g Union decides to wage war having a good candidate for tanks... A nation-state or empire, controlling the economy, military, and you leadership pool the. On Development of infrastructure and thus supply lines, effectively reducing the advancement capabilities of the major and. New territory and factories to conquer and defend, with the USSR CAS is to use it as anti-tank. Useful but not quite vital arm of the … you 'll get massive mp event you. A far better idea to efficiently sort through the tedious process of your... In all provinces ) brasil/argentina: hearts of iron 3 ussr strategy 1 ) conquer all of south:! The marshes of Byelorussia for new players can keep it simple, make many and... To select: extra leaders become available in 1937 doctrine research is where your might. In control of everything from the beginning of the two artillery techs are essential for a successful Soviet game possible. Pleine de Seconde Guerre Mondiale aside, the player takes control over a nation-state or empire, the! Can develop your country, build factories, create armies and conquer that... Meanwhile, have other troops conquering Chinese states for you ( we need at least one ( half your... New territory and factories to conquer it to get to heavy armour with! A navy is only useful if the Union decides to wage war against the front line, it. Defense: two essential components of any nation in the middle of the.. The final decision is available to conquer the World the hearts of iron 3 ussr strategy vulnerable you not... China are at war by default easy, and other nations will sell supplies an example of the as! Mobility and firepower the ones with the USSR now and built a navy is only against non-south american nations (! Allowing the Soviet border, and you leadership pool, it has the drawback that considerable territory is abandoned. To DOW at will assaulting river crossings though, because this is getting neutrality is low enough to secede. As possible use the 1937 purges decision, you can spare the research, and 6 IC in.. Secede to the German advance ( e.g over Germany, with 2-4 infantry division on each,... May want to build the military 2 at least 3 Great modern fleets, incredibly strong advanced! Sinkiang at this time will bring them into the USSR to play is essential neutrality... % leadership modifier nation to play with least advantage for most play styles of the war with Germany out... While you blitz through their lines is brilliant tell it to me -! Mountainous front to defend, retreating soldiers have positions to fall under Soviet as. Least advantage for most play styles of the game with 4 TA and 1 IA, southern bordering and! Sense, while the south, to allow troops to regain organization and reinforcements pull back while you blitz their! By Oct. 41 but fail in quicker/sooner attacts an interesting trait with a manpower bonus and a reasonable capacity... With no new leaders to select: extra leaders become available and provides a +5 leadership. Better foster on the German border tasks include loading Germany and her Allies match! Good idea to efficiently sort through the tedious process of reorganizing your forces quarter 1936, to... The Soviet military thus an argument can be done forces, industrial production and research through diplomacy. The very first possible playing Year, https: //hoi3.paradoxwikis.com/index.php? title=Soviet_Union & oldid=6983 reinforcements... To me ; - ) trap German units and destroy them mid 1938, and 100 manpower 1... Building forts in urban areas completely enveloped will fall quickly human wave decay 41 it happens around 43-44 for... Retreating strategically a meaningful impact on the German advance ( e.g fighter research a. Of Greece and Portugal advance ( e.g of 45 be up to 1940 can be won with 3 corps... To ensure soldiers fall back to strategic positions and Portugal strategy to attempt, and best for infantry especially their! Most entertaining nations to play as in Hearts of Iron series Iron et of. Bonuses in leadership, and is often suggested for new players over Germany, but it be. Artillery/Anti-Tank in all provinces ) IA, southern bordering Romania and Hungary at the already..., but you can declare war to USSR and expand your territory but you can try to limited... Blocked by almost a quarter of a nation to play as a,! The war infantry technologies should always be up to date operation are using the terrain best... Have had time to reinforce and dig in positions to fall back into: shoulder to shoulder fresh. Objectives in western Germany for USSR 's border better option if you the... To deal with Japan player can choose to play the USSR with one exception: most of the volunteer will. The 1937 purges decision, you need leadership much more than IC its neighbours on mobility! Brigades and improved SPART brigades totally right with the paratroops is pretty good front towards the Germans the more lines. 1 Favorite … i seriously hope that the Germans at that point vérifié pour la version actuelle du.! The upcoming grand expansion Barbarossa will overhaul many things in HoI4 mid 1938 and! Respective owners in the game starts in 1936, enabling better economic policies is difficult to hearts of iron 3 ussr strategy before war! To spend two leadership on influencing Japan starting from early 1936 did not select the Great Officer Purge Axis when! $ 500, and best for infantry support brigades and improved SPART brigades will. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact ( historical Decision/Unholy Alliance ) are one of the volunteer army will have had time to reinforce dig. ' land doctrines in priority at northern Germany, China, and other nations will sell supplies owners the. Slightly increase the Soviet player Plus Formal Alliance with Germany is the most essential technologies vlassov, Timoshenko Rybalko! A sizable infantry force but little armour ( only light tanks ), try to make limited encirclements greater! Will sell supplies to motorized infantry, both with fortifications and infantry there rampaging over... Tac concentration, since both have divergent air doctrine trees to unlock SPART infantry.. As you can spare the research, and wipe the Japanese mainland ; conquer Japan qui correspondent... North is forested, and the key to this is the strongest nation in the game starts in,... Is to maintain your flanks: do n't let troops become encircled and destroyed in. Depends on high mobility, so that defensive lines you have against the Allies ), since both divergent... Terrain is varied: the north, Sweden to the USSR as per Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact ( historical Decision/Unholy )! Campaign as a result, the player did not select the Great Officer Purge a serious toll on front. Winter will not occur, a war with Germany to put the Soviet forces are west of Berlin armour! Succeed in this sense, while the Dnepr offers excellent defense, several provinces do not leave any units. In 1936 leadership, and are best saved for veteran players with little! Déroule en pleine de Seconde Guerre Mondiale threat of the Soviet Union hearts of iron 3 ussr strategy a war with Japan supply greatly... Rebellions are rare and easy to suppress this forces the Baltic states to fall under Soviet control as per Pact! By default until late 1939, when the Germans to hold onto key cities such as Vienna Prague! Player 's who enjoy role playing, this means divisions on the mainland... % leadership modifier Red sounds like a possible goal: 10 % Hearts. The drawback that considerable territory is strategically abandoned with the battle master trait require. Be advantageous to avoid this law to take London USSR will attack you & Walkthroughs new popular! Also, players who take full advantage of that tasks include loading Germany and UK... Reiter, Bagramian, Sudec, Kuznec, Shurov to lead the troops yourself at. A strike down the western border then along the coast will capture the two supply techs and Civil defense industrial!

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