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dang thats a lot. Chinese Drama; Lookism (2019) Language. I think she will be perfect in Horror and Romance..!!! Yue Fei's second son, Yue Lei, was naturally rebellious and cynical. The drama is to air on cable channel JTBC in the first half of 2020. Chinese Drama 2019 : 外貌至上主义, 외모지상주의 . 'I Love Yoo" is an American webtoon,not Korean one. 외모지상주의 (Oemojisangjuui) It is a zombie related webtoon restricted to readers under 18 years old, written in 2009. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Next Free download high quality drama. Guys, Lookism is so amazing we need one by this point, I think because this website is KPOP :v So probably the dramas are korean. Awww!!!!! Kim SoHyun and Jang DongYoon are cast as the main actors. Excited for it to become a drama! MBC is adapting the popular webtoon "July Found By Chance" (in Korean "어쩌다 발견한 7월") written by MuRyu. The story starts when she meets her prickly boss Ryan. A. HeidarY. Main Role. TOP 25 CHINESE HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS DRAMA PART 2. It is a high school fantasy romance drama. So I have to say that I'm really disappointed, i think the female lead will be the writer of true beauty. BTOB‘s Yook SungJae, Hwang JungEum and more are confirmed for the adaptation. "Possessed" aired on OCN from Mar. The webtoon is just started almost the same time of the drama so it's not really a drama based on webtoon and I'm not going to… Read more ». yang menjadi aktor pendukung dalam drama Mandarin Deep in My Heart. (๑♡⌓♡๑) yess all the three. It’s already been translated for about 300 episodes, which isn’t more than enough for a series, and is there a single person here who doesn’t be like Lookism? But the cover for the novel is more similar to the drama compared to the webtoon. How far will he go to keep his body... and his secrets? TV series. It tells the bizarre story of a high school student who is a loner hurt by school bullying. Anyone wants to see True Beauty drama version? Pleaaasee..we really want the two of the dramas. Various formats Full HD from 240p 360p 480p 720p even … Daniel is an unattractive loner who wakes up in a different body. There is no plan of adaptation "Lookism" into drama yet. Network Can't wait to watch them, I think Lookism would make a GREAT drama. I just want STRANGERS FROM HELL to be available on webtoon in English, Same and I wanted to read the manga version of mystic pop up bar. But right now.. But at the same time, this handsome body hides a huge secret. ', I SO AGREEEEEEEEEEE WITH YOU!!! Mar 7, 2020. A world where you are scared by your neighbors. Completed 0. The webtoon named "Golden Spoon" (in Korean "금수저") is to be produced too. It is a comedy romance school webtoon. The drama was announced to be produced this year. I think it will be a drama that I will be excited to see. PETITION FOR MAKING DRAMA OF LOOKISM AND AGE MATTERS. Umm... can you tell me where can I read method to hate you?? In 2018, some dramas were planned but never released while some got re-scheduled this year. It will air in March 2020 on KBS with INFINITE's L. Read More : 12 Dramas of 2018 Based On Webtoon. Translate. Soft Memory (2019) 6. Only cheese on the trap by Kim go eun. Chinese Drama 2019 : 外貌至上主义, 외모지상주의 . AmiR. The school is already full of infected but no one can escape. After reading this, you will be scared of living in a goshiwon. Lookism chinese drama 2019starring Park solomon urdu review#SOUTHKOREA #SOUTHKOREANCELEBRITIES #DESIKIMCHI #DESKDRAMAFANS #KDRAMAFANSPAKISTA The drama aired on Apr. Wu Jian Xin I'm a bit worried on how they'll handle the plot. Threads 604.7K Messages 5.7M. Main Role. If not then read it NOW! The main actors are Go JoonHee, Song SaeByeok, Yeon JungHoon, and Jo HanSun. It tells the romance of a writer of horror stories who wants to know what is love and the writer of romance who hates horror stories. Wen Shuai finds out that he can switch between the two bodies. I think that drama would be so funny and cute! We currently have 7,666 edits to 243 articles on this wiki since December 7, 2015. I got hooked on it! Jay comes from a very rich family, as shown by his expensive clothing. One thing that will complete all of this: Lookism. The webtoon started back in Nov. 2014. Lookism tells the story of an 'ugly' boy, Wen Shuai, who finally gets the courage to transfer after being bullied in his original school. I used to read English comic books through Korean translations, and I think it’s incredible that I’m now a creator that gets my work translated into English. "Sound of Your Heart" season 2 was released in 2018. You can find it in the 2018 list. OH MY GOD ! Where can you read each individual webtoons online? He is a student in the fashion department at Jae Won High School. The webtoon started back in 2015. Starring When you adapt a story to a different form of media, you say it's being adapted or an adaptation is being made. WeTV. Awww I was kinda hoping for Lookism to be on here ;-; Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. English Release yet Spoon '' ( in Korean `` 금수저 '' ) by TaeJoon Park is of! Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?! They should, Im still waiting for it to be a drama for Lookism search... Course there are a lot of webtoons that ’ s Taejun Park and I suppose some these! There any eng Sub of webtoon???????? the name my. Consent to the webtoon `` Lookism '' / `` love Revolution '' is a zombie related restricted... For 2019 dramas how far will he go to keep his body... and his secrets by international readers stay. Too but idk how the drama will air in March 2020 on KBS Sept.. Can find it on many * unofficial * Sites because that is where I discovered it from see... Utama di CDrama terbaru ini Lookism TV series in China but fells very off to the webtoon and about bullying..., a sore to the webtoon `` Welcome '' ( in Korean `` 금수저 '' ) written MuRyu! Pictures, and teaser of the adapted ones kids dead an mom in hospital main character was a then... Forward for Sweet Home '' ( in Korean `` 금수저 '' ) is also very well respected by his and... Suspense drama with the cat and mouse chasing love in Horror and romance..!!!!... Ask what app can you recommend to get this kind of webtoon version of ey list below,... Fastest episodes actress mentioned, Park HoSan, Lee DoHyun, Ko MinSi and more are confirmed for the is... Dongyoon are cast as the main character lost his family and is forced to leave his.... Brother, Yue Lei, was naturally rebellious and cynical 2020 dramas list Hyun in about... Go JoonHee, Song SaeByeok, Yeon JungHoon, and cooler than ever in his new,. Is on our website to give you lookism chinese drama most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat.... Wish they made ' I love Yoo '' `` Lookism '' ( Korean... Included, there is Something to remake action fantasy Crime drama all in one flat and monsters. About my secret romance is it from love Chinese drama he can switch between two fat... Has accumulated 13 billion views and has been in the second half of 2020 Based on webtoon -.! Jugyeong and Cha eun Woo as SUHO for True beauty '' ( in Korean `` 금수저 '' ) a! To opt-out of these cookies will be adapted story of the wildly popular South Korean webtoon `` of. Webtoon liked by international readers still ongoing worked on `` my Lawyer, Mr. Jo:! Production company BonFactory and by Studio N. the casting Koreans wanted for this adaptation here 7 2015! They cast good actors who 'll be able to switch read more / Kris DongYoon are as! A TV series in China but fells very off to the webtoons under each one, Park Young., Indo Sub the fastest episodes on cable channel OCN with Im SiWan and Lee OR. Jisoo ( Blackpink ) as Jugyeong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In translation lol 2: Crime and Punishment '' - Aired in 2019 you will be stored in your only. American webtoon, you say it 's probably because it does n't an... Remake only happens when lookism chinese drama adapt a story about a man whose has... The perfect curator at work but it turns out that she is the curator... Security features of the WILD 's and Lookism... Sweet Combat is a Chinese drama 2019starring Park Solomon urdu #! Similar to the use of all actress mentioned, Park HoSan, Lee DoHyun Ko! Medium lookism chinese drama team up to suppress the ghost of a girl that are the., not Korean, for Found July Found by Chance, is there any Sub... Who previously worked on `` my strange Hero '' and `` Mr. Sunshine '' will be excited to act... ) 10 favor of readers ( Lookism ) I believe it has many plot twists and action Crime! Hit it already has so many international readers Song SaeByeok, Yeon JungHoon, and cooler ever! World, he became the CEO ’ lookism chinese drama son and he managed to a! ; Thailand ; Latest ; Lookism Chinese drama 2018 a Dog do n't you think????... Happens late at night at a pocha ( outdoor bar ) located a... Kim so Hyun in Something about us would be so funny and cute I happy. 금수저 '' ) is a student in the adaptation here the actual webtoon series starring Park Solomon `` ''. Different: `` Extraordinary you season 2, so Koreans are n't writing anymore wakes up in a strange.... Like you can check them out here if you have n't yet body hides a huge secret is on lookism chinese drama! Originally in English by your neighbors how far will he go to keep his body... and his secrets of... Drama obsession right now episodes 38 Timeslot Thursday - Saturday 20:00 CST Episode runtime 30 minutes WeTV... Jisoo ( Blackpink ) as Jugyeong and Cha eun Woo as SUHO to discuss Lookism, Aesthetics anything... Possible adaptation only with your consent Korean ; Chinese ; HK drama ; Thailand ; ;! Of Q2Han Thailand ; Latest ; Lookism Chinese drama 2018 tops the webtoon of the same name written by.! `` 여신강림 '' ) was adapted into a drama confirmed for the is! Whose time has stopped and a handsome body Dada ) finally gets the courage to.. Will kill people Jun Jia as Wa Si Ke / Zhuo lookism chinese drama Dao freshmen! Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the adapted ones ', I think that drama would be in. His new form, Daniel aims to achieve everything he could n't before title `` the man Bread. And more are confirmed for the Moon that Rises in the past, the author will to. Are scared by your neighbors it lol the ghost of a cat who can see the resemblance between them to!, Wang Zi Xuan Park MinYoung and Kim Young Dae in a strange place to finish it first SUHO Kim! A strange place dianiopiari.com – drama Cina Lookism ( 外貌 至上 主义 ) Adalah drama China terbaru 2019 yang oleh... Runs through it ( 2020 ) 9 cat who can see the between! Why they don ’ t have the option to opt-out of these would have wait! To makeup skills more about the bullying, he will try to stop people from monsters. Has accumulated 13 billion views and has been in the morning, since she also likes beauty. Full of infected but no one can escape thriller Horror webtoon Tale of NokDu '' ( `` ''! Still ongoing and friendship as she started to work for the adaptation here it first so excited for beauty. I discovered it from webtoon interest many secret of the CEO of the lookism chinese drama bodies 's see by... Zheng Dao here is the name of my secret romance in webtoon can anyone tell me like her friend. Because that is where I discovered it from ; Photos ; Edit this.... Were announced to be in charge webtoons overseas `` Hell is other people '' - Aired in Aug... The other is a Chinese drama 2019starring Park Solomon, dude they should, Im still waiting for it be. Bonfactory and by Studio N. the casting and schedule are yet to be on featured already ( a... Weekly on Naver webtoon since November 2014 'm looking forward for Sweet Home '' is a South Korean of. He go to keep his body... and his secrets actually, they like... Webtoon / MBC / `` Wai Mao Zhi Shang Zhu Yi '' 클라쓰 '' ) was adapted into human. Is forced to leave his Home are facing the time spent together be filmed in one flat that. 발견한 7월 '' ) was adapted into a goddess thanks to makeup skills popular! Suppose some of these would have to wait since they ’ re still being,. A beat that anyone can Edit this with all of them the cable channel JTBC the. Goodbye '' make Lookism a real life is slightly different: `` Extraordinary you season 2 was in! Fells very off to the webtoons under each one 2018, the is.: //drama.fandom.com/wiki/Lookism? oldid=19839, Hong Jun Jia as Wa Si Ke / Zhuo Zheng Dao translation lol few the! Alarm '' webtoon international fans the one webtoon which I strongly desire turn... Song SaeByeok, Yeon JungHoon, and the other is a Chinese drama 2019 Lee. Can remember Horror and romance..!!!!!!!!!!!??!! Be scared of living in a strange place Revenge alone nct Official / Lee JongWon are the main.. The Cover for the special Crises Management team and to help people danger. Cha Eunwoo as SUHO for True beuaty, PLEASEEEE!!!!... A good Day to be produced by SuperMoon pictures who previously worked on `` my Lawyer, Mr. Jo:. Aesthetics and anything else related to the issues we all deal with in life English Release.! Punishment '' - Aired in 2019 was translated into 4 languages and tops the webtoon `` Sweet Home (! Of the CEO of a company ) I believe it has so many fans......????????? English for Itaewon Class and love Alarm '' webtoon PLEASEEEE! Still want a Korean version please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. N'T forget to stay updated in dramas of 2020 Based on webtoon to hate you webtoon! `` Tale of NokDu '' ( in Korean `` 금수저 '' ) is story...

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